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  • Contract Mining 

    • Room & Pillar​

    • Longwall

    • Strip-mining

    • Open-pit Mining

    • Mountaintop Mining

    • In-situ Mining

  • Mine development

  • Turn-Key Operations

  • Overburden Removal

  • Mine Infrastructure

    • Portals​

    • Shafts

    • Ventilation

    • Roof Support

    • Water management and treatment

    • Mine operation & processing facilities

  • Mine Reclamation

At Morgan Mining, we take pride in our turn-key capabilities that span the entire spectrum of the mining industry. Whether it's surface or underground mining, and whether we're dealing with coal, copper, gold, platinum, palladium, rare-earths, or potash, we have the expertise to manage every aspect of the process for our valued clients.

We're dedicated to identifying and assessing mineral deposits through rigorous exploration activities. Our team conducts geological surveys, collects samples, and analyzes data to determine the presence and potential of valuable resources.

Geological Analysis:
Our experts delve into in-depth geological analysis to understand the composition, quality, and geological characteristics of the identified deposits. This analysis is critical for accurate resource estimation and effective project planning.

Evaluation & Feasibility Studies:
We perform comprehensive evaluations and feasibility studies to assess the economic viability of mining projects. This involves meticulous cost analysis, resource estimation, and thorough risk assessment.

Permit Application:
Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is one of our specialties. We assist our clients in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for their mining operations, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

Contract Administration:
Our team manages all contracts related to mining activities. This includes agreements with suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to contractual obligations.

We specialize in the extraction of a wide range of minerals, from coal to copper, gold, platinum, rare earths, and potash. We employ suitable mining methods, whether surface or underground, to maximize resource recovery.

Transporting mined materials efficiently is crucial. We handle the transportation of extracted materials from mining sites to processing facilities or other designated locations, selecting the most suitable conveyance methods.

We take charge of the logistics involved in transporting mined materials to their destinations. This can include long-distance transportation by road, rail, or even shipping, ensuring timely and safe delivery.

Our team is equipped to process raw materials, ensuring they meet the required quality and purity standards. This involves various processing techniques, including crushing, grinding, and separation.

Our turn-key approach offers a seamless solution for mining projects, streamlining the process, reducing risks, and optimizing resource utilization. It's important to note that our services are tailored to the specific needs of each project and resource type. Additionally, we prioritize compliance with environmental and safety regulations to ensure responsible and sustainable mining practices.

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